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Maintenance Support and AOG Services

The aviation industry requires professionals that you can count on when facing challenges in your flight or maintenance operations. We would like for to to consider our assistance in these matters by allowing us to provide the services required and allow you to focus on your every day tasks. DEM Aviation is proud to be an authorized representative of various global partners and provide an array of services from AOG structural repairs( with DER assistance when required), to NDT, parts acquisitions and crew assistance. With our team of managers technicians and engineers we are sure to resolve your dilema and minimize your downtime.

AOG Maintenance Services 

Specialized in Corporate and Airline non-destructive testing with AOG services on composite sections.

Corporate Aviation Operations

Specialized and Aircraft Acquisitions and Crew training, based in Curacao and providing worldwide coverage.

Rotable and Consumable Sales

Specialized in Aircraft parts/Rotable exchanges and outright sales.

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